At Taking Flight International Corporation, we provide Accredited Certification Courses locally, nationally, and internationally  to  professionals and paraprofessionals in:

At Taking Flight International we also provide Personal and Professional Courses,  Seminars and Workshops.

Each course is developed by Dr. Jane Simington, PhD, the owner of  Taking Flight International Corporation. Each course focuses on healing body, mind and spirit, to empower individuals, families, groups, and communities.


Meeting Dr. Simington at the training workshops about Trauma Recovery and Grief Support, was a life-changing experience for me, as a person and as a Mental Health practitioner. Since then, I have attended more workshops and training given by her, and I consider her one of my most important teachers. Her profound look at trauma and grief mechanisms harmonizes both scientific and spiritual aspects of the issue. Dr. Simington's training program provides a very steady intervention model, based on scientific practice and data, provides the related litterature, and at the same time gives space to meet people's emotional and spiritual needs, so they move onto their healing path. Her supportive and kind presence creates a safe space for healing, growth, and integration of self, even for people with really severe issues. As a therapist, Dr. Simington's teachings provided me deep knowledge and therapeutic tools, so I can safely support traumatized clients. As a person, my encounter with her and her teachings transformed me into a more strong and free human being, more able to love, connect, help, and sympathize with other people. In our challenging times, I feel I really am part of the solution.

Theano Polyzogopoulou, 

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Athens Greece.